Geschaeftsidee fuer jeden

Our specialty is building websites from parameters given to us by our clients! Once you have a website we also have website maintenance programs to fit your needs!
Our hallmark is customizability. We service a wide array of clients who do not necessarily want a cookie cutter solution for their company’s website. While we do offer templates, we customize them in %99 of all cases. We can make it look like other sites you have seen on the Internet, or we can work with you to come up with something more unique.

Eine gute Idee: Geld verdienen mit Youtube!

Great Looking Websites!

Want to see some great looking websites? Check our portfolio! We designed everything in the portfolio, but some of the sites were designed to customer requests. For example, Artgallery wanted a site that looked like their print version, thus, the very straightforward design. On the other hand, there is an UK Store site. They wanted a sharper, slicker design.

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No matter how you want your website to look, or what you want it to do, we can make it happen.

  • How much did you pay for your website?
  • Was it a good investment?
  • Is it still a good investment?

Your website can lose its value and even cost you customers if you don’t have up to date, relevant information. Huenig Webdesign Services can make sure that your website stays fresh and new to your customers. Some uses for our maintenance programs are; updating employee lists, catalogs, sales events, special events, newsletters, contact information, and online contests. We have years of experience at creating, editing updating and maintaining all kinds of websites.

Eine gute Idee: Geld verdienen mit Youtube!