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    Wednesday, 4.February 2009

    Our specialty is building websites from parameters given to us by our clients! Once you have a website we also have website maintenance programs to fit your needs! Our hallmark is customizability. We service a wide array of clients who do not necessarily want a cookie cutter solution for their company’s website. While we do […]


    Wednesday, 4.February 2009

    Gallery Page of finished projects… Ein häufiger  Grund, warum eine Reiseseite keinen Erfolg hat, ist, dass keine ausreichenden Texte benutzt wurden. Eine Liste von Keywoertern ist keine Beschreibung! Man sollte sich daher ausreichend beschreibende Texte ausdenken, um das Projekt bekannt zu machen. Webtipp: Fertige Homepagevorlagen bekommen Sie auf der Webseite!


    Wednesday, 4.February 2009

    Frequently Asked Questions Our customers sometimes have questions regarding Huenig Webdesign Services which are often asked. We have decided to assist our customers by compiling this page of frequently asked questions, in an effort to reduce confusion regarding repeated topics. However, if you find the information below does not assist you, you may always seek […]

    Design Services

    Wednesday, 4.February 2009

    Huenig Webdesign offers multiple types of webdesign packages. Below you will find a listing of design schemes that can accommodate your needs. Please note that all packages require a down payment of 20% of the estimated cost of your site. However, anytime prior to 30% completion of your site, you may request a full refund […]